Dance music platform Resident Advisor defends ‘unfathomable’ £750k government grant

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Resident Advisor, a dance music platform that will receive a £750,000 government grant, has defended itself after the sum of money was described by critics as “unfathomable”.

Known as RA, the company is an online music magazine and community platform dedicated to showcasing electronic music. It is receiving the money as part of the government’s arts support grant scheme.

The government’s decision to award RA such a large amount was widely criticised. DJ and producer Mint Royale tweeted: “£750k of government support for Resident Advisor is really unfathomable.”

Techno DJ Dave Clarke, meanwhile, said: “Perhaps you should be upfront and clear and publicly announce how happy you must be getting much more than other applicants……. how many jobs the Arts Council have saved in your organisation should be for all to be seen.”

DJ Paypal added: Yo lol @residentadvisor so maybe everybody who did a RA mix / unpaid content for yr platform should get a check. We see yall sittin on that slight 3quarters.”

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An Arts Council spokesperson told The Guardian that RA’s application was successful because of its large readership and because it gives “people the opportunity to discover new music including grassroots and mid-career artists through uniquely curated podcasts, features, reviews and films”.

They added the grant money would also “support artists and other organisations that rely on Resident Advisor as a source of income”.

RA’s grant was much more substantial than that of other music sites, including Crack Magazine, which received £125,320.

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