Perez Hilton alleges Lady Gaga ‘used him’ to write ‘terrible’ things about Christina Aguilera on gossip blog

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The notorious blogger, whose self-named site was the lynchpin of the celebrity gossip industry throughout the 2000s, has claimed that his one-time friendship with the star led to “things I’m most ashamed of”.

In Hilton’s new memoir, TMI: My Life in Scandal, he claims that he “deliberately hurt” Aguilera after he and Gaga speculated that she had “copied [Gaga’s] sound and visuals” for one of her albums.

“I even went as far as to deliberately hurt Christina Aguilera just a few months after she had been kind enough to perform at my birthday party,” Hilton writes. “Why? Because Gaga and I thought Christina was copying her with the sound of her new album, Bionic, and the visuals during that era.”

Hilton continues: “I started giving Christina all kinds of terrible nicknames on my website. Looking back now, it’s one of the things I’m most ashamed of, and I can also see that Gaga was using me as a tool – not only against Christina but against her other rivals too.

“She never explicitly asked me to write nasty things about people, but by moaning to me she made me feel like I, her best friend, should do something about it.”

Hilton claims that the pair’s friendship came to an end in 2011. In 2013, Gaga accused Hilton of “stalking her” after he visited her New York apartment building while looking to rent his own place.

“Stay away from me and my family,” Gaga tweeted at Hilton. “You are sick trying to rent an apartment in my building to stalk me. Leave me alone!!”

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga in 2009(Michael Caulfield/Getty Images)

In his memoir, Hilton claims that he had no idea that Gaga owned an apartment in the building, asking: “Why, after two years of silence, would I suddenly start stalking her? It was sheer persecution mania, and once I got over the initial shock and deleted all the hate mail, I actually just felt sad for her.”

Hilton’s memoir also sees him reveal that he had been sued by Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears, and that a Desperate Housewives star told him that they had “fantasised about killing him”.

The Independent has reached out to Lady Gaga’s representatives for comment.

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