The Office’s Leslie David Baker Talks Creating A Stanley Spin-Off

The Office's Leslie David Baker Talks Creating A Stanley Spin-Off

The Office is a phenomenon. It was ranked the most watched show on Netflix in 2018, with 52 million minutes streamed. Fans are still hungry for the Steve Carrell-led comedy and Leslie David Baker, who plays Stanley Hudson, is trying to give them more.

Baker is currently trying to fund a pilot episode for a new spin-off, Uncle Stan, on Kickstarter. It follows the character after he has to relocate to Los Angeles to help his nephew with kids and work. The campaign has a $300,000 goal that hasn’t been reached yet.

“After enjoying his retirement in Florida, carving wood, enjoying the white sand beaches, and dancing to old disco, Uncle Stan (Leslie David Baker) gets a call from his nephew Lucky in Los Angeles asking for help with his two kids and running his motorcycle/flower shop,” the Kickstarter campaign reads.

Baker got the idea after fans kept asking him about Stanley’s future at various Comic-Cons and other fan events.

“People kept asking about the character Stanley,” he said in an interview. “Well, what do you think he’s doing now? Where is he? Is he still living in Florida? What kind of life is he having? What’s retirement like for him? And that made me say, “Hmm, people wanna know about this character ‘and his life ever after.'”

The show takes place seven years into Stanley’s retirement (The Office went off the air in 2013) and will include a “lot of the things that have happened during his retirement,” Baker said. The project doesn’t have a studio behind it yet, but Baker says he’s been contacted by several who are interested.

“One of the things that we will incorporate in the scripts, of course we can’t help, but the pandemic, the political upheaval and unrest that’s going on,” he said. “These are the types of things that can also be included and will be included in scripts.”

The Office is leaving Netflix in 2021 and going to NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock. Special short episodes that expand the lore of the show are already streaming on the platform. You can check out our full impressions of the new streaming service, which we found quite disappointing, right here.

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