The best time to have your immunity-boosting kadha

The best time to have your immunity-boosting kadha

We spoke to Dr Rakhi Nagar, BAMS, PGCPK, Ayurveda consultant and panchakarma specialist to know the right time and way to consume kadha and here is what she said.

To know the right time to have kadha, one needs to know their ayurvedic body type. Read here: Know your Ayurvedic body type – vata, pitta, kapha (HYPERLINK)

Vata – People who have vata body type should have the kadha in the evening and consume it lukewarm. These people can also add some ghee to the kadha so that it doesn’t cause dryness their body.

Pitta – People with pitta body type should consume the kadha early morning or evening and not during the afternoon. If you have the pitta body type, you should consume your kadha at room temperature.

Kapha – People with prominent kapha dosha can have their kadha any time during the day. These people can consume the kadha slightly hot and also add honey to it.

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