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Visit the world from other people’s windows.

We have all gotten increasingly tired of being stuck indoors, staring at ceiling, trying to bide our time, since the lockdown on account of the coronavirus pandemic came into place. Having to wake up and experience the same day over and over again for the past months has thrown us all out of whack. Is the lockdown long? Or is it short? Who can tell? The days go by quickly, but it seems like its been forever since we actually did something.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get rid of the monotony and experience something different? At this point, absolutely everyone is craving a holiday and break. What wouldn’t we give to be somewhere, anywhere else, to see all the different cultures and sights the world has to offer, to do anything to keep our spirits up and boredom down? But as travel has come to complete standstill it has become quite impossible to satisfy our wanderlust. And those of us who are wise, know better than to venture out just to fulfil our fantastical whims. However, lucky for us, digital alternatives have gained a lot of popularity recently, to help people feel less cooped up during the pandemic.

A website called WindowSwap has come to the rescue of all you travel bugs, aching to wake up to a different view. The website allows you to explore the world through the windows of people around the world from the comfort of your home! Talk about the best of both worlds. Your desktop window can be transformed into a window that overlooks anywhere in the world. Experience the expansive landscapes of Switzerland, the bustling streets of China, India’s tropical monsoon, the French Antilles, the cool waters of Barbados or even the suburbs of America.

Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnaz Balasubramaniam, a couple based in Singapore, have created a website called ‘WindowSwap’, that allows you to open a window anywhere in the world at random. People from around the globe upload 10 minute video recordings of the view outside their windows with the location and by just clicking ‘Open a new window somewhere in the world’, you can be transported all over the globe!

“My husband and I were growing bored with the view from our window – so we created a place on the internet where you can open a new window somewhere else in the world! A place where strangers can swap views from their windows to help us all feel a little bit better till we can (responsibly) explore our beautiful planet again,” said Sonali Ranjit on her post about the website on boredpanda.

With everyone around the world looking for some form of escape or the other from their realities, this website offers the most mesmerising view of the world. The videos being filmed from inside the house give the website such a feeling of comfort and appeal that most high-tech virtual tours of the city just can’t provide.

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