PlatinumGames reportedly looking to bring Wonderful 101 to Nintendo Switch

PlatinumGames reportedly looking to bring Wonderful 101 to Nintendo Switch

The developer behind titles equivalent to Bayonetta and Nier: Automata, PlatinumGames, is reportedly getting ready to announce a Kickstarter to carry its 2013 Wii U title The Great 101 to the Nintendo Change. 

The rumors that Platinum is even eager about The Great 101 started when the studio posted a photograph of Director Hideki Kamiya to Twitter. Within the photograph Kamiya is flanked by a monitor which reads 1:01 and a Nintendo Change. 

This isn’t a complete lot by itself however the photograph was then adopted up by a video from GameXplain which reports that the studio is planning to announce a Kickstarter to fund porting the game to Nintendo Switch as well as PS4. There are even suggestions that an Xbox One port is part of the dream. 

Wonderful 1:01

GameXplain’s report was given extra credence by Liam Robertson of Did You Know Gaming? who tweeted to say that it’s true, including that publishers weren’t .

We received’t know for positive that that is greater than a rumor, nonetheless, till PlatinumGames makes some form of official announcement which, it’s being reported, is due within the coming days. 

If these experiences do show to be true, this could be PlatinumGames’ first try at self-publishing. 

It’d make sense that the developer is hoping to take the much less dangerous method of utilizing Kickstarter to gauge curiosity in a port of The Great 101, particularly if it is true that publishers weren’t . Like many titles launched completely on Wii U, The Great 101 languished considerably as a result of console’s lack of success. If there’s sufficient curiosity in it, the sport might have a extra fruitful second life on different platforms. 

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