Your next security camera could record videos only machines can understand

Your next security camera could record videos only machines can understand

Video is already the most important shopper of cloud storage, compute and bandwidth on this planet. So something that may cut back its gargantuan urge for food for sources might save a whole lot of time and subsequently cash. Loads of it.

Enter Fujitsu with a brand new compression algorithm that, it says, can cut back the dimensions of a video that must be interpreted by 90%; the not-so-insignificant caveat is that the ensuing video can solely be interpreted by AI (synthetic intelligence) due to the extent of degradation.

The important thing facet of the brand new expertise developed by the scientists on the Japanese agency is that it robotically analyzes areas inside a picture that AI prioritizes and compresses knowledge to the minimal dimension that AI can acknowledge.

Nice for the cloud

This, Fujitsu added, “will enable customers to research extra superior video knowledge by combining a number of video knowledge saved within the cloud, sensor knowledge, and efficiency knowledge corresponding to gross sales knowledge”, all with none elevated knowledge transmission calls for.

The rise of extremely excessive decision cameras on smartphones (the Samsung S20 Ultra has a 108 megapixel camera) and 4K security CCTV cameras make such technologies unavoidable.

In practice, the compression would be done at the edge, on the device itself, using a specialist chip, with the recognition bit being done in the cloud, and the two joined up in a continuous feedback loop.

Fujitsu will commercialize this technology to third parties by the end of fiscal 2020, and introduce it into a variety of applications for different industries.

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